The Wisconsin REALTORS Association and the National Assocation of REALTORS have more information about dispute resolution.  For more information go to and

As an alternative dispute resolution process we do provide the option for REALTOR members to mediate disputes.

If parties agree to mediate they would meet with a neutral third person, known as a mediator, who would help them come to a mutual agreement. The difference between arbitration and mediation is that in arbitration the parties do not have a say in the final determination that is rendered by a hearing panel. In mediation they do have a say. Additionally, often times mediation is a much quicker approach to settle disagreements.

​To learn more about mediation please read this article, "No Losers in Mediation." 

To Mediate a Dispute:

If you would like to mediate a dispute please fill out the following form - Request for Mediation. Once filled out please email to, fax to 866-807-8370, or mail to the address located at the top of the form. If the respondent agrees to mediate further instructions will be given.

For questions please contact the Association Executive of MCBOR by calling 715-923-0609 or emailing