Service Charges

The initial MLS Sign up fee is $375, thereafter the recurring monthly user fee is $19 per subscriber per month.

Participation in the ELB system is $16.83 per subscriber per month.    (Initial sign up for ELB  varies dependant on the type of equipment used).  For more information, contact us at 715-923-0609.


SECTION 6 of Rules of Procedure:  Service Fees and Charges
The following service charges for operation of the Multiple Listing Service are in effect to defray the costs of the Service and are subject to change from time to time in the manner prescribed:

Initial Participation Fee: An applicant for participation in the Service shall pay an application fee of $375.00 with such fee to accompany the application and a letter of good standing from your current Board of REALTORS.

Recurring Participation Fee: The annual participation fee of each Participant shall be an amount equal to $-0- times each salesperson and licensed or certified appraiser who has access to and use of the Service, whether licensed as a broker, sales licensee, or licensed or certified appraiser who is employed by or affiliated as an independent contractor with such Participant. Payment of such fees shall be made on or before the first day of the fiscal year of the Multiple Listing Service. Fees shall be prorated on a monthly basis.

Listing Fee: A Participant shall pay a monthly listing fee in an amount equal to the number of listings he filed with the Service during the previous month, multiplied by the listing fee of $-0- per listing.

            Note: An alternative provision for the “listing fee” is: “For filing a new listing or renewal of a listing with the Service, a fee of $-0- shall accompany each listing when filed with the Service.”

Subscription Fees: One complete set of current listings shall be supplied to the Participant upon payment of the application fee and the participation fee, and the Participant shall be responsible for a subscription fee of $19.00 for each additional set of listings to be supplied to each individual, employed by or affiliated as an independent contractor (including licensed or certified appraisers) with the Participant who has access to and who utilizes the Service.

            Note 1: This should be a minimal charge based on actual costs of producing and distributing the information.

            Note 2: Any combination of charges may be used if they are in accordance with the National Association’s MLS Antitrust Compliance                       Policy Point No. 3. which prohibits a fee that is contingent on the sale of a listed property.

            Note 3: Financing from the Multiple Listing Service should be adequate but not in such amounts as to be the source of financing the Board’s operation. The Multiple Listing Service should pay its own way and allow for a reasonable operating reserve, but it is merely another service of the Board and not the principal activity or reason for the Board’s existence. As long as it is able to restrict its services exclusively or primarily to Board members, the Service is not properly a Board profit center.

            Note 4: Multiple Listing Services that choose to include affiliated unlicensed administrative and clerical staff, personal assistants, and/or individuals seeking licensure or certification as real estate appraisers among those eligible for access to and use of MLS information as “subscribers” may, at their discretion, amend Section 6, recurring participation fee and subscription fees, as necessary to include such individuals in the computation of MLS fees and charges. (Adopted 4/92)